Anger and Frustration for ages 5-13

Have you ever wondered why people fight? Have you been in a fight yourself? How did you feel? Were you angry? Did you want to hurt the person you were fighting?

Often we find our hopes or our plans are not being met.

It feels like everything we want to do for some reason is being spoiled or prevented from happening.

Perhaps our favourite toy breaks or a friend we thought was coming to visit can’t come or mum or dad or our brother or sister just won’t do what we want them to do.

It might even be our friends don’t understand our point of view or that we are being bullied for no reason.

It becomes very frustrating. And it doesn’t matter whether we are 2 or 22 or 92 it’s the same for all of us.

Do you know the strangest thing about being frustrated or angry? Well if we can learn to use that feeling in a good way instead of being trapped in a whole lot of bad feelings, we can learn the skills to really be very happy. Forever.

You see, everyone gets angry or frustrated sometimes, but the happiest and most successful people in the world are those that know how to use those feelings and turn them into something constructive.

What makes people really unhappy is when they get frustrated or angry they don’t know how to use that power. You see, anger or frustration is a bit like a fire, if you don’t use it for something good like cooking or keeping you warm, and you just sit there, it will burn you and perhaps really injure you for a very long time.

The trick in learning to use the power of anger or frustration is to take a step back and see if you can look at the problem in a different way, or even to ask someone for help. We have to use that fire to help us do something constructive.

For example, let’s say you are frustrated because your friend said she was coming to visit, but then at the last minute didn’t turn up. Perhaps you needed her help in something you were doing. Well, instead of getting mad take a step back and remind yourself that you don’t need anyone else to make you happy.

Look at what you were going to do and see if you could do it yourself or if someone else can come and help or perhaps let Mum or Dad know that you are feeling really frustrated and see if they have some good advice or help.

Feeling frustrated and angry sometimes is very normal, the important thing is to know that you can use those feelings to change your thoughts into something positive, that is how you can be the happiest and most successful people in the world.

Would you like try a meditation with me?

Can you close your eyes and think for a moment about a time you got angry or frustrated today? Are you still feeling a little hurt or frustrated? Can you locate that feeling in you somewhere?

I would like you to imagine it like a fire that is burning within you. It is burning you and hurting you and if it keeps burning will make you feel worse and worse.

If you have enough of these fires they will really make you sad and miserable.

Do you know the best way to use the power of these fires?

I would like you to reflect on something you really want to do and love to do in your life. It might be to play a sport or paint a picture or to ride your bike or dance or sing.

I would like you to imagine that these fires are burning up every obstacle there is to you doing the thing you love and helping you to be the best at what you do.

All the little fires are coming together and making you feel so determined and strong that nothing is ever going to stop you.

And each time you feel angry or frustrated in the future you realise it is just another fire that is helping you get stronger and stronger.

Let those fires burn up any obstacle or any problems or fears that you may have in living your dreams.

As you close your eyes feel with each breath, that you are getting stronger and more strong-minded, more determined that nothing can ever ever stop you living your dreams.

You can and you will and nothing any one ever says or does can stop you, if it is the right thing.

When you are ready take a couple of deep breaths and relax – your meditation is finished.