A word to the adults about meditation for children

We salute your wonderful parenting abilities and compassionate heart as you introduce meditation to your children.

It really is the best gift you can give anyone, as it means their life will be so much happier and easier when they have an understanding of their own heart and soul.

Nothing can harm a meditator who is one with the universe!

When teaching children, we must never forget that we are all children in the spiritual life.

There is no age, just souls traveling together.

You would know to never patronize a child, they are just as likely to be far more advanced than yourself spiritually and almost certainly have more receptivity.

Undoubtedly childhood is the most precious time of all for us spiritually, for it is the natural time of openness, spontaneity and joy, in short, a time when the soul is still naturally present.

See every soul as your brother or sister, a spiritual companion that we each will learn lessons from, love and laugh with.

Many great masters have taught that the best cohort is a child of heart and mind.

Remember that Jesus spoke a truth that all philosophies agree with when he said that we must become as children to enter the kingdom of heaven.

These meditation exercises are simple in language but no less ‘high’ than any ‘adult’ meditation. They are suggested for different ages because of their complexity of language, not spiritual height, and so it will be of great benefit if all family members do exercises together. For older children why not try the full online meditation course, with your help and discussion of course