Love for ages 5-13
In this class we meditate on love and find out how love makes us happy and how we can help others to be happy

Love is a very big word. It is not just for grown ups.

Love is the best and biggest thing we can do in our lives. It is the only thing that will always make us happy, and make others happy too.

Isn’t it funny that the only thing that is absolutely free to everyone in the world is the one and only thing that will make us really, really happy?

When we love our family, we make them a little happier.

If we love our dog or our cat, we can make them happy.

We can even love the sky, or love the wind.

Have you ever loved the flowers, or loved the ocean or the waves? Did you feel happy? Did you feel like you were a part of those things?

Everything needs to be loved, if you want to help make them happy. And do you know what else? They are all loving you too, even though sometimes it is hard to feel it.

But when you meditate, you will realise it to be true, that every flower, every tree, the birds are all loving us, all the time.

So you should thank them for their love and take time to feel their love so you can be happy too.

A beautiful and magical thing about love is that you will never run out of love, no matter how much you give. Because every time you give out love, more love fills you up.

Do you know where love comes from? It comes from your own heart or soul and the hearts of everyone else too.

Would you like try a meditation with me?

To feel the wind love you and the trees love you, you need to be very quiet and just feel. We need to feel love with our quiet heart and not thinking.

So can you get very quiet with me? Close your eyes. Can you feel your breathing?

Feel the way you are breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in air that feeds your body and makes you feel good. Just like that, the trees and the flowers are also breathing.

We share the same air. And the wind is blowing along mixing it all up. Sometimes the air that was just in you, was in the flowers, and now it is coming back to you.

Your lungs in your chest hold the air and make it ready for your body to use.

Feel the same air that has flowed through every living thing, flowing in, and out of you, as you breathe in, and out.

Love is just like this. It is flowing through every thing.

The trees are loving you, the flowers are loving you and the wind is loving you, but we have to open our heart so that we can make it ready for our body to use.

So now, can you try and feel the love with your heart? You might try and sort of ‘breathe’ it into your heart.

Feel the love of the trees and the flowers and the wind. Breathe that love in, and out.

Feel that every day just as they need sunlight to live they also need love. And just as they give us air so we can breathe, they also give us love. And we in return, give them our thanks and our love.

Breathe the love in, and out.

Just like the flowers we need our food to live but also we need our love-food to be happy.

Continue breathing love in and out for a few minutes


When you are ready, relax a little but keep your eyes closed. Just for a few moments think about one or two things you can do in your life to love more. Perhaps you need to tell your mum or your dad that you love them or give your dog a big hug.

Or perhaps you could love the sky or the wind or the moon next time you see them, or love a butterfly or a bird as they fly by.

Remember that you can help make them happy and you will be happier too.

Lastly remember the one truth of this meditation.

That it is love that makes you happy and love that makes the whole world happy. You should do your part. Love yourself, your family and also remember to love the wind and the sky and the trees and the flowers.

Giving love will make your heart open so you can receive love from all the things that are loving you..


When you are ready take a couple of deep breaths and relax – your meditation is finished.