for ages 5-13

In this class we find that we are the creators of our life and to be happy we need to choose to be happy

Do you know one of the most powerful lessons you can learn in life? (Most people don't know this lesson)

Would you like to know what it is? (It is very simple. But sometimes it is difficult to live)

Are you ready?

The choices you make are responsible for every one of your life’s experiences. You are the creator of you.

Now I know that might sound kind of strange but it is very true. It means that you are responsible for your life. Whether you are sad or happy, loving or not loving, peaceful or not peaceful, in heaven or hell. It is not the world or your mum or your teacher that makes you happy, it is not anyone else, it is only you. You and your choices. The way you think.

For example, if you choose to think of yourself as being ugly, then guess what? That will be your experience. You will always see the ways that you are ugly and not the ways that you are beautiful. It is strange but if you do some research you will find that often the most beautiful people think of themselves as being ugly. If you think of yourself as being stupid, then your subconscious mind will look for all the ways that you are stupid and not notice the times when you are smart. It is your choice.

If you want to have a joyful life, you first need to choose joy. Choose to see yourself as a joyful, loving person and focus on all the times that you are in joy. If you remember only the times that you are sad than you will continually reinforce that version of you. You will think of yourself as being a depressed or sad person. Try remembering the best version of you – and with your remembering you will reinforce and strengthen that version of you. You are the creator of you, and your thoughts and choices and intentions are the chisels that sculpt you. Does that make sense?

For example, if you want to be a successful dancer, then you need to think of yourself as a success. Imagine how it feels, imagine yourself moving effortlessly as a great dancer and then celebrate each one of your experiences that reinforces that vision of yourself.  When you practise your dancing, don’t focus on the times that you don’t feel like you are dancing well, put all of your attention on those moments when you are dancing like a great dancer.

Perhaps you want to be the best fireman in the world, well, the same thing is true. Imagine how it feels to be the best fireman in the world. How he or she would act at a fire or around friends. Then reinforce over and over that version of you. It is simple isn’t it? Your choices, your thoughts and intentions shape every experience of yours in life.

Aim high. Look at the best. Don’t choose the lowest, choose the highest version of yourself.

You are like a computer programmer writing a program. Only the computer is your mind, and you can program your mind to think the things you choose to think.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The best we can do is intend to live our highest life. Sometimes what we think of as failures are exactly the steps we needed to make so we can succeed. The challenge is not just to wish but to will it. When we wish we just hope it might happen but we don’t change. When we will something, we realise that we are the creator and we have to change to make something happen. The world does not change by itself, we change it!

When you first start surfing there is not a person in the world who doesn’t fall off. Everyone gets knocked around by the waves, everyone falls off. If you got mad every time and said to yourself that you are such a failure, then you might not get back on the surfboard and find the wonderful joy of catching a wave. You just need to know that falling off isn’t a failure, it is a necessary step, it is a part of success.

Ask yourself right now what is the absolute best thing I could do with my life. The best thing I could do with this year, this week, this day, this hour. Think about it. Remember that your life is your choice. If you want a great life, then choose it. And be sure that every time your experiences reinforce this highest version of you, you celebrate them. For example, if you believe that the highest version of you should offer love and help other people, then try practising that. When you do offer love to others and you feel a glimpse of the highest you, then take a moment to congratulate yourself, you are living your highest life.

Then ask yourself what sort of world would you like to live in. Imagine for a moment that you could create the world. Would you like to live in a world of love or a world of fear? Is your world going to be a place where people or animals or nature are exploited? Would you like to live in a world where people live in peace? Now make a choice to be a person in that wonderful world of yours. How would you act? What choices would you make?

Allow yourself to be inspired by your perfect world. Then really take notice of the ways your perfect world is starting to be created in your life. Look at the people that come into your life. See if they are helping you to create that perfect world. Try it for a few days and see what happens. Remember you cannot change your world by changing others, it is your choices that will dictate your life’s experiences.

‘be the change you wish to see’ – Mahatma Gandhi

The simplest thing to remember is that God is within us all. And God is a creator. We create heaven or hell. So it is for us to choose. We create heaven or hell every moment, our universe is that perfect. Our perfect universe will be whatever we choose.

As much as we are responsible for creating our world - so is everyone else for creating their world. You cannot make another person happy. They will only be happy if they start choosing those thoughts. So please don't feel responsible for other people's life. The best thing you can do is be an example to them.

Take a moment to think about this. Do you know people that are living in hell? Look at their choices. Usually you will find that they do not take responsibility for their choices. Usually they feel they are victims of other people, the government, of fate. They take no responsibility. They think of the world as being a place that scares them and they have to try and cope.

People that are happy and loving are perhaps very rare. But take notice of their state of mind. You will find that they are taking responsibility for their choices. They realise that they are not victims but they are in control.

They are not concerned so much with the events of their lives as their reaction to them. They feel that they are living their highest life, that they are in the flow of love. They think of the world as a fantastic adventure that is always safe and full of love and every moment is amazing.

To be responsible for your choices, for your happiness, takes real bravery. Many people find it easier to blame others and other things, and many times they just don’t know that it is all up to them.

So next time you feel sad or depressed, or perhaps even angry or alone, the answer is not in blaming others, the answer is in you. From the class on loveyou will remember that real happiness is only found in the giving and receiving of love without conditions or expectations. In this moment, right now, you can be happy, you are the creator.

So you be the source of your happiness, you be the source of your love and you will find yourself living in heaven, here and now.

Would you like try a meditation with me?

Close your eyes and relax. Try not to think of other things but just for a moment watch your breath. Feel the air flowing in and out of your body.

If you get really good at this all you will be able to notice is the air flowing in and out.

Then I would like you to imagine that you are like a genie, a wizard that can make any wish come true.

Imagine that you are a special genie that does not deal with physical things but just feelings.

Take a moment and then be really wise about what you wish for. You can wish for any feeling you like.

It might be more peace, or more joy or more love.

To make your wish come true you have to imagine the feeling inside your heart.

Imagine it like a ball of light like the sun and then feel the light is shining that feeling through every part of you.

See if you can sit in silence for a few minutes like this watching the light shining through your entire body.

Reflection When you are ready, relax a little but keep your eyes closed. Just for a few moments think about the feelings that you can expand in your life to make you happier.

Remember that it is you that is in control. It is you that makes you happy. No one else can make you be happy. You are the creator.


When you are ready take a couple of deep breaths and relax – your meditation is finished.