Meditation for the child in all of us.

This site is for the young at heart and the young in mind. We hope you will like it.

A downloadable radio quality audio file (mp3) of each class and guided meditation has been created for you to listen to, click on the links within each class.

A word for the grown-ups. (click here)

Meditation is easy for children.

Many great meditation masters ask their adult students to be more like children so they will meditate better.

What is meditation for children?

We meditate to find and listen to our heart.

Our heart is the real home of us. When we can listen to our heart, we automatically feel love and joy, but also we will know what we can be.

Do you ever get sad? Do you sometimes worry too much over silly things? Do you get angry and lose your temper?

What would you say, if I was to tell you that meditation will help you become the happiest person in the world? Would you be willing to try it for the next 10 days for at least 5 minutes?

It isn't a trick. In 10 days you will see the change in yourself.

You will see that the happiest people in the world are people that know and understand their hearts, and the most confused and sad people are those that don't.

If you are not sure, take the time to look around and see for yourself.

People that know their heart will be more loving and happy. Sad, angry people are lost, because they have lost their heart.

When you are ready, you can try a meditation exercise here for your age group, we have classes from ages 5 to 13. You can try the other age groups as well, as the ages are only a guide. You can even try the rest of our online classes for grownups when you have been meditating for a few weeks - but we wanted to get you started with something we thought would work more easily for you.

You'll find that no matter the age group the exercises are enjoyable and very powerful.

Please contact us with your thoughts on these meditations and what others you would like to do, as we really value your help, thank-you!